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Our goal is simple. To increase your revenue. To do this, we aim to serve as a partner, integrating seamlessly with your team and company culture.

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The exact process of creating a comprehensive marketing plan will look unique from business to business. Because we don't apply one-size-fits-all solutions, your inbound marketing plan will be developed based on a few exploratory conversations together and an analysis of your existing processes, rates of conversion, and competitor landscape. Below are some of the general tasks that are often involved in an inbound marketing partnership with JGDM:

Create Marketing Plan

We’ll provide a written marketing plan that takes stock of your current position, and then lays out the specific strategies and activities that we’ll do to help your company reach your lead generation goals within one year.

Create Buyer Personas

For inbound marketing to be truly effective you have to know who you are talking to. We’ll take what you already know, and bring some new insights, then combine them into several buyer personas. Buyer personas are fictitious people who represent an ideal client for your company. We’ll explore what makes them unique, and then craft all content around them.

Website Redesign

For any inbound marketing plan to succeed, it’s critical to ensure your website is built for success. We’ll work with you to develop a site that is intuitive and optimized for the type of conversions your business requires.

Audit Content and Available Assets

We’ll audit your existing marketing materials and suggest any necessary updates. We’ll also attempt to repurpose your best content for different uses. This could mean pulling great copy from a brochure to include in the updated website or finding your best images to use in custom landing pages or digital ads.

Create Editorial Calendar

If your marketing plan involves consistent content writing, whether for social media, website articles, or seasonal sales initiatives, we’ll establish a collaborative editorial calendar that will keep all content creators on the same page.

Weekly Consulting & Monthly Reporting

We’ll provide ongoing strategy and monthly reporting of our progress so you can feel confident that things are moving forward. We’ll provide this counsel through a weekly 1-hour phone call/web-meeting. We’ll also spend time helping you analyze your existing results, and strategizing for each next step, outside the time frames of these meetings.

Training & Support

We’ll familiarize ourselves with your CRM tool and research capabilities of the program that you may not be utilizing. After we’re well versed in the program, we’ll complete and audit to ensure your business is not only using all the tools available but is also maintaining an efficient streamlined process to minimize administrative tasks. If we find changes that could improve the efficiency of your processes, we’ll show your team how to use all of the tools, including workflows, list segmentation, landing pages, etc. Our goal is to serve as a partner, integrating seamlessly with your team and company culture. We want you to know how the platform works, and how your employees can use it successfully.

Create The Lead Generation Sequences

An effective path to a conversion includes calls-to-action, landing pages, the appropriate forms, thank-you pages, and follow-up emails that all work together.

Develop Automated Workflows and List Segmentation

We’ll set up workflows that help move leads down the buyer funnel as they enjoy more content and build their confidence in your company.


There's many other on-going services that we can handle while the tasks above are in the planning or execution stages:

  • On-Page SEO Monitoring
  • Content Writing
    • Blog Posts
    • SEO Articles
    • Press Releases
    • Social Media Posts
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Content Promotion (SEM, social media ads, etc)
  • Email Marketing

Components of Comprehensive Marketing Services

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Autism Learning Partners

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"I just wanted to share how much I appreciated Julieanne's support on this! Thoughtful, helpful, validating. Bummer that we were put in this situation but pleasure to work with Julieanne."
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Cayla Morimoto
Autism Learning Partners
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JG Digital Market has optimized our ability to connect with families and community partners nationwide by improving our brand recognition, SEO and social media presence. They are a well rounded company that provides a collaborative and hands on approach to projects.
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Rahil Roussos
Autism Learning Partners
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Professionalism, patience and expertise. That sums Julieanne up! I have enjoyed our partnership and her clients will be able to leverage her assets regardless of the type of business they own/run.
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Randy Pitluck
Anytime Fitness
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"Just wanted to let you all know that today I called a new customer to schedule an installation... this person RAVED about her experience on Facebook! She said that she had contacted multiple other companies and could not get anyone to even call her she got on FB and inquired about where to get some quotes for lighting and irrigation. She said the responses on FB were "AMAZING" then for us to call her back within a couple hours "was even better!" This customer went on and on about her FB experience. But what's even more important is that YOU ALL KNOW what A SUPER DUPER TREMENDOUS AWESOME SPECTACULAR JOB you are doing!!!!! Can't personally hug and high five y'all, but I am over email!!!🤗✋ Enjoy your day! Pat yourself on the back and please know how much we appreciate all you do!"
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Irrigation & Lighting Specialists
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